ROK Water Technologies develop ‘Game-Changing’ water purification breakthrough

ROK Water Technologies has reached Agreement with California-based Starrh Family Farms to deploy ROK’s revolutionary high volume Water Purification System.

ROK Stars PLC, the consumer goods and environmental technology development company founded by John Paul DeJoria and UK entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick, has announced that its ROK Water Technologies division has reached agreement with California-based Starrh Family Farms to deploy ROK’s unique water purification system.

Starrh Farms has a requirement to filter out toxic salts and boron from water at a rate of 1,500 gallons a minute with almost zero waste. ROK Water Technologies cutting edge Targeted High Volume Filter (THVF) is designed to meet these needs.

The targeted ground water has been filtered through a pilot filtering plant, and has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories to initialy confirm, the remarkable effectiveness and efficiency of ROK Water Technologies THVF filtration system.

Starrh Family Farms have approximately 1500 acres that has been unproductive due to highly toxic well water on their 6,000 acre farm, located on the western side of Kern County. Starrhs have discovered that their ground water on this westside ranch has steadily increased in very toxic levels of salts and boron, due to pollution, and is now becoming unusable for the irrigation of crops.

“Having access to sufficient usable water at an affordable price is one of the constant challenges we face in farming. When ROK presented us with their innovative water purification system, we saw all sorts of possibilities for large areas of our land which we had not been able to use for many years. This purification system could be truly revolutionary. We would be able to grow crops on land that has been idle for the last 8 years, because of reduced surface water allocations.” Said Fred Starrh.

Commenting, Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman of ROK Stars said “THVF is a game-changing paradigm shift in water filtration. Being able to convert what is currently waste water into usable water in a cost-effective manner is a truly major achievement. We’re delighted to know that ROK’s solution will allow crops to flourish on large areas of land that once was barren and useless due to lack of sufficient usable water.”

ROK Water Technologies was conceived and co-founded by John Paul DeJoria – known as ‘America’s favorite entrepreneur’ – and Jonathan Kendrick. John Paul DeJoria is best known as the co-founder of Paul Mitchell, the largest privately held hair care business in North America, as well as being co-founder of Patron tequila, the worlds Number 1 premium tequila brand.

Kendrick and DeJoria have been business partners in a variety of commercial enterprises for 10 years to date and both share a passion for the environment and philanthropy in general.

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