ROKiT Botanics

We believe in offering the best quality products at the best value to our customers. Because we directly source our products from our own supply chain and process them in-house, we can deliver on that belief. Each barrel or IBC of ROKiT Botanics marula oil comes with it's own Certificate of Analysis from an outside, 3rd party laboratory to ensure both quality and safety.

We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Today you have a choice - you can buy mediocre marula oil from sources without their own supply chains - oil that has either been heavily refined and/or improperly processed OR you can get the same pharmaceutical-grade quality & reliable supply of product that our co-founders demanded when they created ROKiT Botanics.

Other mass produced marula oils are often obtained by crushing the entire fruit; skin, nut and kernel together to extract the oil and then extreme heat and harmful chemicals are applied to clean the oil. This process kills the naturally occurring properties of marula oil, rendering the oil void of any effective skincare benefits.

ROKiT Botanics' marula oil is sustainably harvested and each marula nut is carefully opened and every kernel is delicately removed by hand. Only the purest blonde kernels are cold pressed and the oil is then gently cleansed without the use of heat or chemicals. This painstaking process ensures that ROKiT Botanics maintains the highest-quality, highest benefit beauty oil possible.

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